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Instagram will also be a photo sharing application that allows users to take photos, apply digital filters, and share them with various social networking services, including Instagram's own. 

One unique feature on Instagram will be to cut photos into square shapes, so it looks like the results of Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid cameras. This is different from the 4: 3 aspect ratio that is commonly used by cameras on mobile equipment.

Instagram can be used on any version of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the iOS 3.1.2 or the latest operating system and any Android camera phone with the 2.2 (Froyo) or the latest operating system. This application is spread throughout the Apple App Store and Google Play.

On April 9, 2012, it was announced that Facebook had agreed to take over Instagram with a value of around $ 1 billion.


t like the results of Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid HISTORY INSTRAGRAM cameras
Founded in 2010 the company Burbn, Inc., is a startup technology that only focuses on developing applications for mobile phones. 

At first Burbn, Inc. itself has a lot of focus on HTML5 mobile, but the two CEOs, Kevin Systrom and ugug Mike Krieger, decided to focus more on just one thing. 

After one week they have tried to make all the good ideas, in the end they have made all the first versions of the Burbn, but in them there is nothing. 

The Burbn version is already final, an application that is already being used on the iPhone, where it contains a lot of features. 

It is difficult for Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger to reduce the features that are there, and start from the beginning, but eventually they only have to focus on the photos, comments, and also the ability souvenir tumbler murah, beli aja di to like all photos. That's what finally became Instagram.

Instagram history:

The name Instagram comes from an understanding of the overall function of this application. The word "insta" comes from the word "instant", like a polaroid camera that was better known by the term "instant photo". Instagram can also display photos instantly, like Polaroid in appearance. 

As for the word "gram" comes from the word "telegram", where the way the telegram itself works is to send information to other people quickly. 

Just only with Instagram who can upload photos using the internet, so that information that is conveyed can be received quickly. That's why Instagram came from instant-telegram.

The social system in Instagram will be followed by other user accounts, or has Instagram followers. 

With this communication between fellow Instagram users themselves can be intertwined by giving a like sign and will also comment on the photos that have been uploaded by other users. 

Followers also become an important element, where the number of likes from the followers influences whether or not the photos are as popular as photos. 

To find friends who are on Instagram. Also can use friends who also use Instagram through social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Main Uses Instagram is just a place to upload and share photos with other users. Photos that would be uploaded and can be obtained through an iDevice camera or photos that are in the photo album in the iDevice.

Photos that have been taken through the Instagram application can be stored in the iDevice. The use of the camera through Instagram can also directly use the effects that are there, to regulate the coloring of the photos desired by the user. 

There is also the effect of a tilt-shift camera whose function is simply to focus all the photos at one particular point. After photos are taken through the camera on Instagram, photos are also turned on and can be rotated in accordance with the wishes of the users. The photos that will be uploaded through Instagram are not limited to a certain amount, but Instagram has limited size for photos. 

Size that is used in Instagram or with a ratio of 3: 2 or only limited to the box. 

Users can only upload photos in that format, or have to edit the photo first to adjust the format. After the users choose a photo to be uploaded on Instagram, the user will be taken to the next page to edit the photo.

In the initial version, Instagram has 15 effects that can be used by users when they want to edit all photos. The effects consist of: X-Pro II, Lomo-fi, Earlybird, Sutro, Toaster, Brannan, Inkwell, Walden, Hefe, Apollo, Poprockeet, Nashville, Gotham, 1977, and Lord Kelvin. 

However, on September 20, the Institute has added 4 new effects namely; Valencia, Amaro, Rise, Hudson and have removed 3 effects, Apollo, Poprockeet, and Gotham from the feature. In the application of the effect even the users can also eliminate the photo frames that have been included in the effect. 

Other features that are in the editing section of the Tilt-Shift. This shift, all functions with camera effects goes through Instagram, that is to focus one point on all photos, and the surroundings become blurry. 

In its use the Tilt-Shift application has 2 shapes, which are rectangular and also round. Both forms are large and small, which is the desired focal point. Tilt-shift also adjusts the appearance of the photo around the focus point, so that users can adjust the blurred level around the focus point in the photo.

After the photo has been edited, the photo will be taken to the next page, where the photo will be uploaded to Instagram itself or to other social networks. Where in it there is no choice whether to upload on social networks or not, it also seems to enter the photo title, and add the location of the photo. 

After uploading a photo, users can enter a title to name the photo according to what the user is thinking. These titles, users can offend other Instagram users by including an account from that person. 

Users can also give a label on the title of the photo, as a sign to classify the photos in this category.


Maybe you ask, is it possible that our blog ranking on Alexa can rise? it's not just you, I even got it when you used to create a blog. Ranking is protruding when I think there is no problem, it turns out there is also an effect on the popularity of blogs. 

Also, the better your blog ranking will surely get better offers in terms of investors, advertisers or cooperation between blog partners.

How to Quickly Reduce the Value of Alexa Rank - Before discussing more about How to Quickly Reduce the Value of Alexa Rank, we must first understand what the numbers mean, which is on the Alexa Rank itself and from the other blogs, which have different numbers from one another, and on the Alexa Rank itself and from each blog. That difference shows also the difference in the number of visitors per 3 months so that the more numbers, the fewer visitors per 3 months. 

Now if it is linked every 3 months, of course, the accumulation or addition of many 3-month visitors will affect the number of Alexa Rank, so that the smaller number on the Alexa widget means that the number of visitors to the blog is similar to 3 months. 

And to maximize the numbers on the Alexa Rank then look around here and there for a way so that the Alexa Rank of the blog goes up.

If it is further discussed, it is rather difficult to name the Alexa Rank, whether it is falling or falling because both of them are considered positive, so there is an increase. After all this is meant by searching this way, then of course what is most sought after is a Quick Way to Reduce the Value of Alexa Rank, then there is only a lot like that? According to my opinion there are a number of things that must be considered related to How to Quickly Reduce the Value of the Alexa Rank is the most important including: 

Don't you want your blog to be popular and a lot of people visit, is it a satisfaction when you see traffic or realtime visitors every day when there are numbers and not 0 (zero)?

Actually, it's not just the Alexa Rank that is the benchmark, there are still Google Page Rank or MozRank. Can you chase it all? better one by one and maybe this process will be parallel to raise your blog rank on the rank statistics on other rank providers.

Let's focus, because we will understand the following tips to improve alexa ranking.


Again, the discussion about original content, is that original content definitely interesting? This question only can be answered by you or your blog customers, so is your blog so hard to make, it turns out that only reads briefly by your readers, how will this happen? each person has different tastes.

Even so, the original content certainly appeals to search engines and website ranking givers. They judge, this is a real work from you, a blogger in the seriousness of writing and enriching your blog. From each unique content, it is likely that readers who are new to your blog are interested and read other content, with the impression value will increase and the bounce value will decrease.

Writing Tips to Get Alexa Down

1. Maintaining the number of visitors per 3 months with how to maintain daily visitors can be done by updating posts regularly and regularly giving up-to-date news.

 2. Maintain the trust of visitors that our blog really provides information such as those who need it. 


The external link of this sentence might not be strange if you hear, with a large number of incoming links, then Alexa will judge that your blog has high credibility with the outside blogs choosing your blog as a good reference. And this is also related to the tips above of the Original and Interesting Content.

Internal Links also provide a good value in increasing the ranking of your blog, with the existence of internal links, readers will feel like they are guided to read other content that is not less interesting than the content that is being read.

In addition, you can take advantage of blogs or forums from outside, commenting on quality or creating articles on other blogs that lead to your blog. Some of these links, automatically you help search engines to understand the contents of your site, because search engines understand that visitors will be an asset that is valuable to your blog, but you do not need to over attach the links on your blog, because that will reduce your blog's credibility.


In the previous article we discussed about installing the Alexa toolbar, as we know. Alexa collects some data from the Alexa toolbar statistics. By installing the Alexa toolbar, you automatically affect the count of visits to your blog. Not only that, you also can see the development or decline in your own blog ranking.

SEO again, seo is a must for you as a blog owner. The amount of content is most likely not there will be read it if it is not optimized with SEO. I understand the competition will be better with SEO, but with the presence of competitors, we must remain optimistic to be ready to compete with other blogs.

Search engine assessment, not just the content that is a lot, but also the deepening of the content. From your genius, you make it a content, it will be more attractive to search engines and readers.

By applying SEO techniques that are good and right, as your content does not seem to be so much it can affect your Alexa ranking to go up, why? because of the SEO results, I will always be visited by readers every day.


Your content is very valuable, to reach readers who are far away, you can spread your content by using social media applications. Is it possible there is not one that clicks on your posts on social media? surely you, with an external link that goes to your blog, then Alexa assesses the benefits that readers get from the content that you create.


This step is just a simple step but paid. Alexa provides facilities to certify your blog. With a blog certification, certainly your blog's credibility is good in Alexa's eyes. After that, you can improvise more in detail on your blog, because after you have subscribed, you can use the blog auditor facility provided by Alexa.

How to Quickly Reduce the Value of Alexa Rank is only obtained only by a lot of personal experience, but only when it is fast can lower the alexa by using the alexa booster software as it takes the software.


The cause of the blog's keyword is missing from the SERP As bloggers, of course we have to keep our blog's position as long as it is on the page with search engines, Google recruits. 

However, there are a number of problems and constraints that we have to face, where our web / blog has a good position suddenly, its position suddenly dropped, regardless of how many pages. We panicked and asked, "What's wrong? Why is my blog suddenly disappearing on one page even once it wasn't detected by Google search?

I don't know the exact reason why your article has disappeared from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page), because you know about yourself when doing SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) blog.

However, since I know some of the reasons, I will just share it here. There are a number of things that will make our blog disappear from Google's Serp another.

Blog spam

Speaking of SPAM, of course you are actually not. In the email there is a special place that contains emails that are categorized as SPAM. Even we receive SPAM every day via sms from prividers and from numbers we don't know. Not only in email alone, social media and bloggers that we have are also many who talk about spam and try to avoid it. See if it is Spam

People who do spam are called spammers. The act of spam is known by the name spamming

Commonly known forms of spam include: electronic mail spam, instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, web search engine spam, blog spam, wiki spam, online ad spam, social networking spam.

Some of them are from spam, that is e-mails containing advertisements, short-term letters (SMS) on mobile phones, news in a news group forum containing promotional items that are not related to the activity of the news group, spamdexing by the search engine (search engines). ) to search for popularity for a particular URL, news that is useless and entered in blogs, website guest books, fax transmission spam, television advertisements and shared network spam.

Spam is sent by advertisers with low operational costs, because spam does not require a list (mailing list) to reach the desired customers. Because barriers to entry are low, many spammers appear and the number of messages that are not requested is very high. 

As a result, many parties were harmed. As for the Internet users themselves, ISPs (Internet Service Providers), and the general public also feel uncomfortable. Spam is sometimes annoying and sometimes deceiving recipients. News spam is included in activities that violate the law and is a criminal offense that can be dealt with through Internet law.

Blogs that have been detected contain malware

This is one of the sophistication of Google's search engine, they usually know that all blogs / websites contain malware - code / script that is dangerous for visitors. 

Google's search engine will give a warning to potential visitors that the website contains malware that is dangerous, and prospective visitors are certainly not able to take the risk of opening a site that is dangerous to his computer. 

Sites that contain malware will have a bad reputation, both from search engines or users. In the end, this site will be 'thrown' from the search page on Google.

Blogs that have a doorway page

Doorway is a site page that is embedded with a special code to detect whether you enter the page as a visitor or a search engine bot / robot. 

If it comes from a search engine bot, then it will be directed to a special page that contains only keywords. However, if visitors are coming from humans, a page will be displayed in normal language.

Blog With Copas Content

This is just what a blogger does, hehehe. A COPASER who is even an expert will not avoid the effect of copying people's content roundly without giving credit to the original content. 

We have been reading that Google likes content that is original and useful for readers of that content, and will give penalties to blogs that contain only articles that are copied by other sources.

The activity of copying content from other sources does not give credit to original content creators which is just as annoying. According to me, they are like thieves. 

To be frank, the content on this blog is not only from the results of one's own thoughts, but from the results of reading from a variety of people, personal and personal experience. 

I am currently writing a topic with a website, but with grammar that is different from the initial content, and the way this will be accepted. If we have a blog that is liked by people and will be liked by search engines for a long time, we should from now on learn to build our own content, be your self, be original :).

Blogs That Have Affiliate Links

Making a blog as an affiliate marketing platform will only promote various products on your blog. If you are wrong in doing this promotion, loyal readers might escape.

Even though I said it was easy, there are many bloggers who don't have the right mindset to become an affiliate marketer. 

Blog Using Cloaking

Well, for fellow affiliate marketing activists, it may be that there are no strangers in this technique. People call it the URL Masking or Link Cloaking.

Cloaking is a Black Hat SEO technique that directs Search Engine results to a website or blog page that is not actually sought.

Blogs have hidden text / links or use text / links with small fonts

This blog is the same as the cloaking technique and this can also eliminate a number of keywords in your SERP.

Blog Using Auto Traffic / jingling

Jingling is one of the auto visitor software made in China that functions to increase website traffic. Jingling will only increase website traffic while it has a negative impact that is big enough for the website you know! 

Google will not hesitate to delete websites and reduce website ranking. After that, your website will also be stamped as a spammed website! True bloggers definitely won't do things like that.

Backlinks that are not relevant

I mean, there are no quality backlinks and the characteristics of those backlinks are in the category of no quality. No quality backlinks from backlinks do not have the effect of increasing the value of page quality, because these backlinks do not help improve rankings for all pages on Google or other search engines.

But determining whether a backlink is quality and might have a negative impact on our blog ranking on Google is not easy. We also have to be careful using the disavow links tool, because ignoring backlinks that don't seem right will be bad for SERP blog rankings. Because that's the knowledge of whether a backlink is not good or good quality is very important.

After you read the cause of the loss of your blog above, but no one has ever done it, then the last solution is to Check Backlinks that lead to your blog, are there dangerous backlinks recruited from the web / blog gambling, alcohol, firearms, or porn?


The Best SEO Tool to Check Quality SEO Blog - The Benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or in its Indonesian language, search engine optimization that can bring potential traffic to the website that we have. 

In SEO optimization we need a name called TOOLS or a tool to test or check the quality of SEO on a Blog or Website, it might not be possible for us to find out how much SEO a website is that we have optimized the SEO TOOLS.


The Best SEO Tool to Check Quality of SEO Blog Best SEO TOOL FOR CHECK QUALITY BLOG
SEO Tool
Because with the help of the SEO Tools it makes it easy for us to optimize the SEO website that we have, here is some SEO testing tool that is used to test SEO quality: 


here we can only check 1 (one) website per day, so use it well, or can register to check SEO websites more than one.


Just like Seositecheckup, we only use this tool once per 24 hours, but we only use this tool on more than one website.



The 4 sites above can be used to see the quality of SEO after a BLOG or Website, as well as SEO tools, we will also find out whether our Website, such as Title, Description, Application of H1, H2, H3, Broken Link, Url SEO Friendly is good, we will also know whether our Website, such as Title, Description, Application of H1, H2, H3, Broken Link, Url SEO Friendly is good, we will also find out I will know the Speed ​​(Performance) of a Website that we have.


Seo Youtube Video Tricks - It may be quite a while since I didn't update this blog even though I missed it tremendously without any workforce and body that was starting to get old enough to make it all forgotten in this blog.

At this time I will discuss about Youtube because in a number of years and months, Youtube is now very popular after all the circles. But whether YouTube can help on our blog? 


n increase power bang in traffic and SEO YOUTUBE SEO VIDEO
Seo Youtube 
the answer Of course very helpful especially if every upload is accompanied by our blogger link and that will add to the bang on traffic and SEO.

And here are some procedures for Seo Youtube Tricks:

Youtube Seo Tricks Using Keyword Research.

The most medasar thing to plunge into the world of youtube will be to determine the topic that we will upload when you have to know in the topic selection whether the topic is much sought after by the user whether the topic is in the category of trends or only soaring for a moment or timeless. look for it.

Youtube Youtube Beautify Video Tricks.

After finding a topic that will be uploaded, then the next step will be to make a video or material that will be uploaded on our channel. Please note that the content that is uploaded to our channel must be unique, meaning that the video has not been uploaded on YouTube, it is recommended to upload it to YouTube. our own content is only using a cellphone camera.

Next, make a video and try the HD version because YouTube likes the HD version. Another advantage of the HD version is that no one is responsible or the reaplot maker will have difficulty downloading the video because of the weight of course.

Youtube Seo Tricks, Keyword Placement in Title Descriptions and Tags.

Youtube Seo tricks that are most important are in the video title of our video description and video tags or keywords. But remember in the placement of key words here do not seem to be rigid in the sense that we modify the words so that the user is easy to read and contains keywords for the bot. youtube.

Youtube Seo Tricks Using Thumbnails.

Thumbnail of the video thumbnail that will appear in this related video is useful for users to be interested in visiting our videos, but remember not to cheat thumbnails meaning that our thumbnails are funny goat turns out that our video material is a fierce dog video. so our video is in the dellete.

So that's how I posted for this time as it is useful and beneficial for those who are confused about how the Youtube Seo Tricks.